Pink Noise was established in 1999. 

Many experiences, challenges, and rewarding projects forged what we are today. 

We’d love to tell you about everything we have done in the past, about everything we are doing and expect to do. 

The Game industry is, fortunately, or unfortunately – judging this is something we leave to you – a very protective industry. We’ve been in business for a long time because we respect Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contracts and protect the information clients trust us. We sometimes can’t be as flashy as we would like, we sometimes can’t voice the cool project we’ve done. Often others (Press, our own clients) talk about the great work we’ve done in a much transparent way that we are allowed to. 


In the last decades, we have done amazing things we are proud of. We have explored ancient worlds, strategized historic battles, cast spells, played dangerously with magic and traveled to outer space. Our team has defended our bastions with superpowers of all kinds, we’ve crawled walls, and have been stuck in webs. We have made monsters, zombies and strange creatures explode. We also played with cute gigantic dogs and plush toys. To do this, we have revisited literature classics and consulted encyclopedias to make sure our imagination has not lost grip on reality. We have created plots, jokes, songs and even conducted orchestras.

We’d love to shout loud game names, post cool reviews of how we approach challenges. Most of the time, that is not possible. 

There is still a certain proud in living in secrecy. The pride of knowing that you’ve been involved in that game teenagers are talking about in the subway, the joy of seeing people in line, playing with something you knew was going to come out, way before anybody was hooked into it.

Like secret agents or ancient ghosts, we somehow need to remain in the dark. 

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