Anime Localization

Japanese Animation Contents (Anime) series and movies are strongly popular. Pink Noise has been involved in helping Japanese content reach different markets, and has the experience to make your localization project a success.
Pink Noise goal is to raise the bar in terms of quality for anime and manga to please the fans.

Some of our latest projects:
Anime Manga Voice Over Dubbing Pink Noise Globalizing Fun Elfen Lied

A good quality product needs full knowledge and control of these services:

1. Script adaptation:
Pink Noise can handle complex scripts and adapt them to the requirements needed in the different countries, always respecting the content to balance the original art piece context and dialogs with the dubbing and localization needs of the target markets. Pink Noise can deal with Japanese, English or other languages scripts and respect the essence desired by the authors.

2. Casting selection:
Pink Noise understands the importance of having the best team working on every project. We carefully select experienced voice actors, dubbing directors and sound engineers for each project.

3. Dubbing production:
Our project managers and producers are experienced in handling projects of all sizes, from small anime projects, to full movies. Quality remains the main core of all our production decisions.

4. Subtitling creation:
No matter if you wish to dub or wish to launch with the original audio and subtitles, Pink Noise can offer you the required services to provide quality translation, embedding and mixing services.

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