Game Localization

Pink Noise has been involved in thousands of game localization projects. 

If we oversimplify, game localization means transforming a game from its original language to the desired target language.

However, game Localization is a complex process involving a multitude of professions, access to resources and application of complex skills. In the last decades, we have explored ancient worlds, strategized historic battles, cast spells, played dangerously with magic and traveled to outer space. Our team has defended our bastions with superpowers of all kinds, we’ve crawled walls, and have been stuck in webs. We have made monsters, zombies and strange creatures explode. We also played with cute gigantic dogs and plush toys. To do this, we have revisited literature classics and consulted encyclopedias to make sure our imagination has not lost grip on reality. We have created plots, jokes, songs and even conducted orchestras.

The process needs to allow for creativity in different steps. But creativity and art at the right moment and the right place. 

Project Managers need to ensure the requirements from the client are followed, that contracts are respected, plans and budgets are met. 

The linguist needs to be able to show that spark of geniality when finding the right words.

The actor and artistic director should stun the fans with an amazing performance that would make fans FEEL.   

The engineer can add his part of awesomeness to the audio mix. 

Game Localization is definitely a mix of art and process. 

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Game localization