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Two decades localizing games

Well, we could start off by saying that Pink Noise is a video game localization company with almost 20 years of experience.

We could also say that we are the best because we always provide top quality translations, we deliver on time and our audio recording processes and technologies are cutting-edge. And of course, our project managers are the best, our translators are the best, our actors are the best and our testers are the best. But if you are here reading this, you probably already know that.

PINK NOISE is more than this:

We are a team spread out all over the world.

Pink Noise is made up of real people.
There’s always a person behind the screen, behind an e-mail.

The translator of your project is a very qualified professional with many years of experience, but she also loves her pet.

The project manager who handles your requests is a very well-organised person, but he also likes to have a drink on Friday night.

The audio engineer can create high quality sound special effects for your games, and he’s also the biggest Star Wars fan ever.

The actress lends her voice to your game heroine, and she also thinks that cheesecake is the best dessert in the world.

The tester is a good shot when testing your shooter game, but also when playing paintball.

And the CEO is not just a suit; he cares about the team and about making things better, always.

We are a team of real people like you. We want to make your projects real, while keeping it real.

To make your video game the best video game ever

At Pink Noise, we work with brilliant people with interesting backgrounds and geek preferences who care about your projects and care about you. We want to work closely with you to make your game the best game possible.

And we want to make the process of game localization as cool as possible for you, as well as for us. Because in the end we are not so different from each other.

Come and play with us!

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