Game Localization

Game Localization

Game localization is a thrilling challenge. But we are not afraid of it… When faced with a new project, there is just one thing we can say…


Superman counted on his super-strength, the force was with Luke Skywalker (and he also had that cool lightsaber), Batman had… well, he had all this cool high-tech stuff.

Like any superhero, we also have our special powers. We rely on very powerful cutting-edge tools and processes to face all the hurdles and difficulties in game localization and succeed in our mission.


Our main ally is the Cloud, which enables a smooth and efficient flow of communication between all of the parties involved in this challenging mission.

Who do we need in our team to accomplish that mission?  

THE DEVELOPERS: the amazing guys who create the game. We couldn’t live without you.

THE PROJECT MANAGERS: the nice guys who take care of receiving the project with a big smile, meeting the budget, setting the deadlines, choosing suitable translators for each project depending on their previous experience and personal preferences, preparing the files and references, and so on. The PM is the person to talk to about any doubts you may have during the project. They will advise you on anything you need to know. They’ll be like your psychoanalyst throughout the entire process.

THE TRANSLATORS: the super smart guys that will do the actual job of translating the games. They are very clever and professional, so before starting the translation they will begin researching the game if it is a saga, or researching the specific topic (is the game about cars, war, princesses, cooking?). They’re language superheroes.

THE REVIEWERS: the brave and unstoppable heroes of the written word who are in charge of ensuring that every text that falls into their hands is perfect. They will examine the text from beginning to end with the most sophisticated mechanisms, similar to those seen in spy films.

The whole of this team of superstars needs to work together in other to succeed in the game localization jungle, where monsters such as tight deadlines, huge wordcounts and simultaneous deliveries will be stalking from the shadows… That’s why we believe that open, uninterrupted and rapid communication between all the important pieces of the puzzle is of paramount importance in order to beat all those monsters.

Thanks to our communication, file management, security systems and, especially, our amazing team of staff, we are able to succeed in all of our missions.

Game localization