Linguistic Testing

And last (because it’s the last stage in game localization) but not least (in fact, it’s the most important stage and you’ll see why), we also provide linguistic testing services.

Yes, the tester.
The dream job for many of those who love playing video games and think that being a tester is all about playing and having fun the whoooole day long. Isn’t it cool? Well, it’s not as cool as you may think. Or rather, it is cool, but it’s not just about having fun. It’s an actual job.

The linguistic tester is the person in charge of ensuring that all the text displayed on screen and the audio are correct.

Text overlapping, grammatical and typographical errors, mistranslations, terminology inconsistencies, confusing instructions, weird or missing voices and so on, are all bugs in the eyes of a tester.


The tester is the last person to see and hear the text in the game before it is released. As you can imagine, the tester plays a very important role in the game localization process.

And with great power comes great responsibility

So the tester must be a very well-prepared and instructed bug killer.

The tester will need a good insecticide to kill all the bugs found in the game. This insecticide is made up of:

  • Super language skills, both in the source and target languages of the game
  • Special powers in terms of focusing and paying attention to detail
  • Amazing IT knowledge to install the build, understand the geek-speak and tools used by developers and use all the cheats provided by the masters of the universe
  • A love for playing video games… and also for performing repetitive actions


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