Software Translation

Yes, you’re right.

We don’t just translate cool video games, we translate software stuff, too.

We’re IT lovers and we are always on the lookout for new software to optimise our processes, because new is always better. We are very familiar with software-style texts (user interfaces with crazy length restrictions, tags and programming code, help menus and so on).

But we know that not everyone is as adept with software as we are, and that’s why software developers are continually increasing the e-learning resources for their new products, which we think is awesome.

Nowadays, you can go and visit your software developer’s website and check their online webinars, training courses, tests and more. We also specialise in the translation of software e-learning material, so if you need to subtitle your webinar, translate your online course or need any advice on e-learning at all, please feel free to contact us.

Our staff includes trainers who’ll be very happy to give you a hand with any questions related to e-learning or training in general.

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