Who is Pink Noise Mexico

To make your video game the best video game ever

At Pink Noise, we work with brilliant people with interesting backgrounds and geek preferences who care about your projects and care about you. We want to work closely with you to make your game the best game ever, the world over.

And we want to make the process of game localization as cool as possible for you, as well as for us. Because in the end we are not so different from each other.

Come and play with us!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our new office in Mexico.

Reach more than 20 countries with Latin American Spanish Localization! Our Studios share the same IT infrastructure, methodology and security protocols. We replicate the same infrastructure no matter where we need the project get done.

We are very happy to see that in recent years the game localisation industry has been attaching importance to Latin American countries, which represent an emerging economy full of gamers eager to play their games in their own language, with voices they’re familiar with.


They’ve been asking for this for too many years now, and we want to give them top quality dubbing into Latin American Spanish because they deserve it and because the industry needs it to broaden its horizons. 

We’ve been localising games into Latin American Spanish for some years now, and have gained the experience needed to take a step forward and move into Mexico. We think it’s important to be there, working side by side with local professionals to create a new team of Mexican Pinknoisers that will add to our family.

What does Pink Noise add to the localisation of your video games for Latin America?

– We cut costs by making use of the Spanish version of the game already done for Spain, but adapting it to Latin American Spanish. Moreover, costs of audio pre- and post-production are shared for both versions.

Culturization: Localisation isn’t just translation and dubbing, it involves knowing the target market and working with people familiar with its preferences and the tastes of its users. Even though Spain and Latin America speak the same language, they’re totally different markets.

– We also benefit from years of experience in the European video game sector.

– We work with the best Latino film and television actors.

– The different offices, teams and collaborators on the project communicate online, thanks to our work environment located ‘in the cloud’, which guarantees quality and security.

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