Why should I sign an NDA and keep my mouth closed?

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Why should I sign an NDA and keep my mouth closed?

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Although most of the professionals understand the necessity and importance of signing NDAs, it is true that there are some linguists or audio professionals who do not understand the importance of this agreement.

Seal of confidentiality

Some arguments against signing:

·         I should be allowed to talk about the work I do.

·         If I talk about it, I give publicity to the game, so I benefit its hype.

·         If the developer has already disclosed that the project is on their table, why shouldn’t I be allowed to share with the world I am the one localizing it.


Well, from my point of view confidentiality is a key point when working in this industry. Of course we should deliver top quality in the projects we localize, but we should also keep our mouths closed until we are allowed to open them and shout. I am not the owner of the product or the rights of the product, so it is not my right to talk about it whenever I want.

Hype is a very controversial thing. A very famous TV presenter might think he helps a publisher if he tweets he is currently in the booth dubbing THIS football game. However, publishers have their own PR timelines and this tweet might ruin a great and expensive campaign.

Moreover, PR timelines are very strict and detailed. Therefore, even if you see that a publisher shouts to the four winds they are working on a product, they might not want to disclose that localization into Galician will take place, for instance.

Conclusion: Hey, colleagues, we might not be Dan Brown translators working in a bunker, but we do manage confidential information and should behave accordingly.