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We have the technical, infrastructure and human resources necessary to undertake any type of Video Game Localization project, but our most important quality is the craftsmanship with which we do it.

Top quality translations, On time audio recording & Professional project management.

We are prepared to face any linguistic and cultural challenge, to offer the guarantee of reaching any market around the world in their own language.

+20 years of experience


Thanks to technological disruption, video game creation is becoming less and less centralized.
At Pinknoise, we work to be the world reference in providing Multilingual Audio Localization services, without losing our independent company essence and commitment to quality.
We have our own studios in Madrid, Paris and Mexico City. We also have a solid network of certified partners around the globe.

Game Localization

Video Game Localization is a complex process involving a multitude of professions, access to resources and application of complex skills. The process needs to allow for creativity in different steps. But creativity and art at the right moment and the right place. The linguist needs to be able to show that spark of geniality when finding the right words.

Audio Services

We have been recording localized audio for videogames and entertainment since 1999. In order to offer personalized audio solutions to the creators of immersive interactive content, Pinknoise centralizes all the technical, human and artistic aspects to favor a global service environment. We can implement from original productions, to localizations in any languages, as well as support to OTT providers.


Thanks to excellent interdepartmental communication, powerful file management, advanced security systems and, especially, an incredible team of professionals, we achieve success in all our translation and transcreation projects. Especially in video game and entertainment, is an exciting challenge that we face with determination, an obsession for quality and a state-of-the-art work system capable of withstanding any type of obstacle.

Other Services

At Pinknoise, we have more than 20 years of experience, which makes us possess great intrinsic know-how. We know that the success of any product depends on its quality. To help our clients obtain an optimal experience for their end users, we offer personalized services tailored to their needs. Project management is our hard core, so we have the muscle to undertake any kind of project with success.


We deploy all our know-how to solve language barriers while respecting the essence of the product.


Our expert linguists have the ability to find the right words for the right time, in any language.


We have the most advanced technical means on the market, so that all our employees can deploy their know-how, whatever the project.


We make sure that customer requirements are followed during projects, that contracts are respected and that plans are met and budgets are adhered to.


We managed to surprise video game fans, making them feel a complete immersion, thanks to a great artistic team of actors and directors.


Through our three studios in Spain, France & Mexico, in addition to our network of certified partners spread over the globe, we provide multilingual services. And we continue to expand, to be closer to our customers.

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