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We are the most reliable specialist for your Video Game Localization projects.

In an increasingly globalized world, we are the most competent partner to take on any type of multilingual project, thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the sector, a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and an amazingly creative team of professionals.


Top quality translations, on time audio recording & professional project management.

We have the technical, infrastructure and human resources necessary to undertake any type of Game Localization project, but our most important quality is the craftsmanship with which we do it.

José Luis González
Pinknoise CEO & Owner

Understanding the Market

We know that the current users of our clients’ products are highly digitalized, so their level of knowledge and demand to satisfy their expectations are extremely high. That’s why at Pinknoise we strive to keep abreast of market trends and the constant changes in the linguistic idioms of each target group.

Feeding people's entertainment

Our clients demand to transfer the same original “magic” that they imprint on their products to all markets. At Pinknoise we accept the challenge with great responsibility and professionalism, with the sole aim of ensuring that users enjoy quality entertainment that is fully adapted to their cognitive, linguistic and cultural awareness. This is the only way to achieve global success.

Working hard for your success

When we start a new project at Pinknoise we get so involved that we like to think that we are not just a partner, but part of the family that creates the product. We add effort and commitment to that of our clients so that, together, we can achieve excellence. We are ready, we have the means and the desire. When do you want us to talk to you about your projects?

Get to know us

Meet The PINKNOISE family

The large Pinknoise family is made up of more than 100 professionals with an extensive career in the video game sector, linguistic translation and interpretation, audiovisual engineering and the comprehensive management of audio engineering projects. But what we are most proud of is sharing the same passion, involvement and responsibility for what we do.

Jose Luis González

Founder & CEO

Vanesa Potenzoni

Head of Production

Alejandro Gutiérrez Lizardi

Head of Client Solutions

Jonathan Estrada

Mexico Studio Manager

Álvaro García

Madrid Studio Manager

Nicolas Vigot

Paris Studio Manager &
Project Manager

Marco Romero



TALENT is the most important resource of any company. That's why at Pinknoise we look for it wherever it is, so we can grow together and achieve wonderful things.


Pinknoise has its own studios, as well as vetted partners strategically located to meet the needs of video game publishers. In addition, we have the sufficient capacity to extend the network according to the concrete needs of each project. We are currently working on a strategic expansion plan with a global scope to reinforce our clients’ production needs in depth.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

It depends very much on the size of the product and whether it involves audio or not. That’s why we offer tailored services depending on your needs.

Send us your needs and our specialists will contact you to evaluate the precise approach to each project.

We work in the most professional way possible and are committed to our clients to achieve the agreed deadlines.

Of all kinds. We accept projects of all sizes, as we are able to adapt to the needs of each type of client.

With our global network of partners, we are able to offer localization solutions in any language.

Whether you are a translator, a voice actor or an agency, you can contact us via the Careers page.

Contact us. Our specialists will guide you through the process in a smooth and easy way.

We are currently working on a strategic expansion plan with a global scope to reinforce our clients’ production needs in depth.

Not at all. We adapt to the needs of each client, whether large or small.

Translation, audio localization, dubbing, debug testing, marketing counseling… ask us how we can help you with your needs.

A great team of professionals related for eons to the world of video games in its different aspects.

Although our headquarters are in Spain, we consider ourselves a global company as our clients are spread all over the planet.

Because of our passion for video games. Most of our team has been involved in this world for decades.

Our level of craftsmanship and the care we put into all our products is our main difference. Find out more by contacting us…

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