Other Services

From Language Quality Inspections, with the aim of ensuring that our clients’ products or content are error-free before their launch or publication, through Audio Quality Inspections, using the most avant-garde hardware and various proprietary software. . We also implement Debug / QA Testing for PCs, Consoles and iOS and Android Operating Systems. We are also experts in Anime Dubbing.

At Pinknoise we can provide many more services than those shown on this website with the professionalism that distinguishes us in our more than 20 years of experience in the localization and videogame sector. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your needs so we will be able to provide you with a proper quote.

These are some of the disciplines we carry out for our clients that might be of your interest:

Language Quality Inspections:

Language Quality Inspection (LQA) is an independent process performed by native linguists who technically audit previously translated content to identify linguistic errors based on language criteria (LISA QA Model). 

For example: inconsistency, spelling, punctuation, grammar, meaning, compliance, terminology, readability, style, etc. 

With the aim of guaranteeing that the products or the content of our clients are free of errors before their launch or publication.

Audio Quality Inspections:

Our sound engineers, using the most avant-garde hardware and several proprietary software, carry out exhaustive audits to evaluate and correct possible production errors in the audios of our clients’ products.

Guaranteeing, in this way, the quality of the audio for the best user experience.

Debug Testing / QA:

To ensure the quality of our clients’ products, we conduct tests to find a problem.

Only after a team of test engineers identifies a defect in the product is Code debugging performed to fix the problem.

Our team of specialists is qualified to test and debug Code errors for all types of devices:

  • PC
  • Consoles
  • iOS / Android

Anime Dubbing:

To make original Anime products attractive to an international audience, two types of dubbing or subtitling can be implemented. The subtitling process is relatively straightforward. Dubbing is more complex, since in addition to adapting the scripts, voice-over artists must combine the dialogues with the original rhythm of the video to achieve flawless dubbing results. For this reason we have multidisciplinary work teams that execute this type of project in a solvent and specialized way.

Marketing Consultancy:

Thanks to our more than 20 years of professional experience and our global vision of the market, we are able to accompany our clients to the strategic development of launching their original products in the different target markets, to achieve the globalization of their titles, guaranteeing quality in user experience.

…and many others